Welcome to Bolster Design!

I have been a Graphic Designer for 15+ years, working for companies large and small, as well as being an independent freelancer. I have worked with some awesome, creative people, and I have learned a lot. However, I realised that in order to attract the client’s I really wanted to work with, ie small businesses, and have the flexibility our family needed, I had to go a full step forward and start my own company. That’s when Bolster Design was curated!

Bolster Design is a boutique graphic design studio specializing in small business branding and graphic design.

To bolster means to strengthen, support or aide. At Bolster Design, we support your small business by offering design services that are directed to your ideal client, reflective of your mission and goals, and are an effective use of your budget. Your business is already great. We want to help your target market see that too!


I’m here to help!

I have a heart for small businesses. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs and I understand the hard work that goes into running your own company. I understand the mentality of doing everything yourself in order to save money.

However, you might not realise that the 15+ hours it took you to design your brochure or logo could have been better spent working on what you love, and specialize in. Also, that brochure might not have been the most effective way to reach your customers, both in terms of cost and approach.


What does Bolster Design offer?

A Brand Identity and Logo Design Package

I use a thorough process that helps me uncover what is special about your business, your core values, and your target market. Then I reflect all that in a complete brand design package that includes a primary logo, colour choices, suggestions for font usage and overall style. Every brand is unique. To learn more about my process and package, visit my Branding page.


Graphic Design Services

Do you really need a tri-fold brochure? Maybe you do. But there may also be other collaterals that will be more effective at reaching your target customer.

I will work closely with you to learn more about your business, and put together a plan of design collateral materials that will make the most impact.

No template designs here! To learn more about my process, visit my Design Services page.


Vist www.bolster.design

View my Brand Design page for more information on my branding process and my logo design package, my Design Services page for information on marketing collateral materials, my Portfolio page for a look at some of my work, and my Contact page to get in touch!

I am very excited about Bolster Design and I hope to chat with you soon on what I can do for your small business!