Our Brand Design Process

Today, I would like to show you step-by-step what the Bolster Design Brand Design Process looks like with an overview of my Brand Design Package.

Designing an effective logo is not a quick or easy process. It requires research, thought, care and attention to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, however, a carefully designed logo can transform a business by attracting the right people.

Below I have provided an overview of my in-depth Brand Design Process, which I believe delivers the very best and most effective results.


My Brand Design Process

Brand Design Process.png



Brand Design Inquiry

If you’re interested in working with me on your brand design, fill out my Brand Design Inquiry and tell me more about your business, your style and any additional details you might have.

Follow up

After your inquiry, I’ll respond to you within 1-3 business days with additional questions and a quote. If we are a good fit you’ll receive a contract and invoice for a 25% deposit to start the brand process.

Your Homework

After the first invoice is paid and contract is signed, you will fill out my Brand Design Questionnaire. This will give me more in-depth information about your company, target market, likes, inspirations etc. Based on your responses I will create a list of objectives that need to be met by the brand design, and agree on this with you before proceeding further. This list will be used as a foundation for the decisions made during the design phase.



I’ll start creating a Brand Identity and Logo Design based on what I’ve learned.

I start on paper using numerous idea generation techniques, and sketch out my initial ideas. Then, I will begin to work on the designs using software called Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector-based software program, which means the artwork produced is scalable and will never lose quality. I will continue to explore and experiment with the ideas and I will refer back to the research and agreed objectives at all times, to ensure the designs meet these goals.



You will be presented with three logo designs. I will present my rationale for each design and discussion will follow. The final choice is up to you, and if you feel the design could be modified to better meet the objectives, changes will be made where necessary. Two rounds of revisions are included.



When the final brand design is complete and approved, Digital Logo Files will be delivered to you in high resolution formats: EPS & PDF for print, and PNG & JPG for web.

A Brand Style Guide will be created for you, showcasing your logos, colour palette, font usage, as well as a good practices on how to correctly use your logo and stay consistent with your brand.

Design Collaterals that use your new brand will be created. A business card design is included. I can help you determine which other collaterals will help your business and provide you a quote!

Brand Collateral examples:
Print: Brochures, Postcards, Invitations, Gift Cards, Coupons, Newsletters, Tradeshow Banners, Building Signage

Digital: Social Media Branding for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc. (profile picture, cover image), Website Banners, E-newsletter templates,

Don’t see collaterals you need? Just ask!



Timeline: approximately 2-3 weeks*
*The price & timeframe depend on the scope of work that needs to be done


So that is the Bolster Design Brand Design Process. If it sounds like a good fit, or if you have any questions, please fill out my Brand Inquiry or email me at karen@bolster.design