Karen Jorritsma, RGD

Karen Jorritsma, RGD

Hello, I'm Karen Jorritsma!

I am the owner and Graphic Designer behind Bolster Design. I am a multidisciplinary designer with an eye for detail and innovation. I have over 15+ years experience working for reputable agencies large and small, specializing in brand identity, promotional marketing and corporate communications. I am a graduate of Sheridan College’s Graphic Design Program and have received awards for my work. I am also a certified Registered Graphic Designer (RGD). I love learning new things and taking on new projects.

Pleased to meet you!

What is an RGD?

Registered Graphic Designers have gone through a certification process specified by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers that verifies their education, training and experience in the industry and confirms their ability to perform to a high standard of competence. Through certification, I have a demonstrated an understanding of business best practices, accessible design principles, research methods and ethics, and the application of strategic design principles to marketing and communications challenges.


How is this good for my clients?

You have the assurance that Bolster Design is run professionally, ethically and with knowledge of industry best practices. I have been evaluated by leaders in the graphic design industry and shown to work to a high professional standard. The work I do for your company will be up to these standards, and your interactions with myself and my company will be professional and ethical. Isn't that great to hear?

For more information on the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, visit here. For more information on the certification process, visit here.

Examples of My Work

Let's Work Together! 

Have a look through my work and process, and if I look like a good fit for your business, contact me at karen@bolster.design!